Donation Requests

The Nebraska Danger and Bosselman Entertainment LLC have been strongly committed to giving back to the communities we serve. As part of that commitment, we stay involved with the events and causes that are important to our company and employees and attempt to help as many causes as we can. We receive hundreds of requests for support in the form of donations, sponsorships, and advertising.  Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to honor all requests, even though many are submitted by worthwhile organizations and causes. 

We thank you for thinking of the Nebraska Danger & Bosselman Entertainment LLC as a source of support.

Please note: our contributions are often in the form of Gift Cards/Vouchers that can be used at Bosselman locations, or, may be branded merchandise.  We may also offer you the opportunity to fundraise through our company. We must, however, base our contribution decisions on an established set of criteria.


  • Request must be submitted in writing. Please no telephone or in-person solicitations.
  • Include organization name and brief description.
  • Include contact information (address, e-mail, telephone, etc.)
  • Event plans, description and date(s), where applicable.
  • What groups or number of people benefit from our donation/sponsorship?
  • What does the Nebraska Danger's donation or sponsorship involve or specifically include?
  • Dollar amount or type of donation requested.
  • Who to make payment to and where to send it, where applicable.
  • If we have donated to, sponsored, or helped your cause in the past, please note the date(s) and amount(s) or item(s)
  • We require a receipt from you if we choose to support your cause.

Please Send Donation Requests To:

Bosselman Companies
PO Box 4905
Grand Island, NE 68802
Email: donations@bosselman.com

Due to the volume of requests we receive, two to four weeks notice is required in order to properly consider your request. Requests are generally reviewed once a week. All donation requests are reviewed within 30 days of submission. A follow up to your request is not necessary. Due to the volume of requests, if your request is declined, you will not be contacted. All accepted donation requests will receive a notification within 30 days of submission.

A special thank-you to our Partners