Contingent upon full compliance with these Contract Terms, ODDS ON PROMOTIONS (OOP) hereby agrees to reimburse the Client named on the Contract up to the specified maximum prize value if an eligible contestant successfully completes the said promotion on the date(s) and at the location specified. The rights and obligations of the parties to the Contract are exclusive to the contracting parties, may not be assigned, transferred, or delegated, and are not intended to create any third-party beneficiary rights for any contestant in the promotion.

    1. Promotion contestants must be selected as follows: Three (3) contestants per game will be randomly selected from tickets numbered or by name (if by name, must be drawn by name) to become the insured grand prize contestants. The selections may not be made sooner than 15 minutes prior to the start of each game. The individual(s) selected CANNOT choose another person to participate on his/her behalf. No one contestant may be selected to participate on more than one occasion.
    2. The following classes of people shall be INELIGIBLE to participate:
      1. Current or former professional or semi-professional football players and coaches who have played or coached at that level anywhere in the world.
      2. Current or former collegiate or junior collegiate football players and coaches who have played or coached at that level anywhere in the world within the past five (5) years.
      3. Current or former high school football players and coaches who have played or coached at that level anywhere in the world within the past five (5) years.
      4. Current or former Olympic football players and coaches who have played or coached at that level anywhere in the world within the past five (5) years.
      5. Any person actively participating in the sporting event / tournament associated with this promotion.
      6. Current or former employees, family members, agents, successors, or assignees of the client or any promotional agency involved with this promotion.
    3. Contestants shall not be permitted any practice, warm-up, or qualifying throws, at any time after his/her notification of participation in the promotion until the actual prize throw(s).
    4. IMPORTANT: Client agrees to secure signatures, UPON NOTIFICATION OF PARTICIPATION IN THE PROMOTION, on the “CONTESTANT AGREEMENT TO PARTICIPATE” form for each and every contestant and provide said forms to OOP with proof of claim.
    1. One client representative must supervise the event and is responsible for the contestants understanding of the terms and conditions of this promotion.
    2. Contestants shall not be permitted any practice, warm-up, or qualifying throws, at any time prior to the actual prize throw(s).
    3. In order to qualify for prize reimbursement, an eligible contestant must successfully throw a regulation High School, NCAA, NFL, or Arena football, FROM A MINIMUM DISTANCE OF TWENTY (20) YARDS, ON THE FLY, THROUGH A TARGET OPENING MEASURING A MAXIMUM OF TEN (10) INCHES IN DIAMETER AND PLACED A MINIMUM OF THIRTY-SIX (36) INCHES IN HEIGHT ABOVE THE PLAYING SURFACE.
    4. The target must be made out of a solid material (plywood, plexi-glass, etc.) with a sturdy net attached to the back in order to catch a winning throw.
    5. No part of the contestant's body or clothing may come in contact with the demarcation lines/spots prior to throwing the ball. Any such contact shall constitute a foul and the throw shall be considered missed.
    6. IMPORTANT: CLIENT MUST VIDEOTAPE THE ENTIRE PROMOTION ACTIVITY. It is imperative that the individual operating the video camera films:
      1. The entire random selection process of contestants prior to each game.
      2. The actual dimensions of the target opening with the use of a measuring device (i.e. ruler) prior to the actual prize throw(s).
      3. Each contestant’s body position in relationship to the various demarcation lines/spots prior to releasing each throw.
      4. Each contestant’s release of the throw as well as the football passing through the template and coming to rest within the net.
    7. Client must assure that the video camera is properly functioning; failure to conform to this requirement can cause claim to be denied.
    8. The eligibility of each throw is subject to the NCAA and/or NFL rules of football.
    1. Claims notification: Immediate telephone notice by client to the claims department of OOP will be reported no later than the first business day after the promotion.
    2. Proof of Claim: The following items and completed documentation must be furnished to OOP as proof of a prize claim (forms furnished by OOP): (a) Affidavit of Promotion Official; (b) Affidavit of Winner; (c) Affidavit of Video Camera Operator; (d) Contestant Agreement to Participate; and (e) RAW, UNEDITED videotape of the entire promotion activity.
    3. Investigation: Upon receipt of Proof of Claim, OOP may conduct a reasonable investigation including but not limited to requiring the client to produce the Video Camera Operator, the Winner, and/or Promotion Officials for polygraph examination as a condition to payment of the claim if, in the sole opinion of OOP such an examination is warranted by the facts.
    4. Choice of Law, Disputed Claims, Venue, and Attorney's Fees – Any and all disputes between the Client and OOP or its underwriters shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nevada, without regard to its conflict of laws, and submitted to binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association and pursuant to the provisions of the Nevada Uniform Arbitration Act. The venue for such arbitration shall be in Washoe County, Nevada. If for any reason there is litigation between the Client and OOP or its underwriters, the exclusive jurisdiction and venue for such litigation is a state district court in Washoe County, Nevada. The Client agrees to pay OOP and its underwriters’ reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses associated with any such arbitration or litigation in the event OOP or its underwriters successfully prosecute and/or defend any such arbitration or litigation.
    1. Any changes in specific promotion rules or data such as promotion dates, promotion location, number of participants, prize values, etc. REQUIRE NOTIFICATION OF OOP PRIOR TO THE START OF THE EVENT. AFTER NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS, ALL CHANGES ARE REQUIRED IN WRITING VIA FAX (775-828-6013) OR EMAIL (changes@oddsonpromotions.com). Any contract fee adjustment will be billed to the client after the event.
    2. If the promotion is canceled due to a force majeure, which prevents the conducting of the event, assuming no attempts to win the prize were initiated, a full refund, less a $150.00 cancellation fee will be made. This contract may be amended to a rescheduled date without additional charges.

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