Nebraska Danger and Grandma Max's to support Team Jack Lees with Pasta Benefit

The Bosselman Companies and Grandma Max's are pleased to partner with Team Jack Lees for a Pasta Benefit to be held at Grandma Max's Restaurant in Grand Island, Nebraska on Monday, March 18 from 5 to 9 pm.

All-You-Can-Eat Pasta will be served for just $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for kids 10 and under. 100% of the proceeds will benefit Team Jack Lees. Nebraska Danger Football players will also be at the benefit to meet and greet fans, and Bones, the Danger mascot, will also be on hand.

Bosselman Companies Hospitality Director Dustin Lofing comments, "It is our honor to partner with Team Jack Lees for this benefit and support this little boy and his family as they deal with a diagnosis which only hits the homes of 300 kids each year in the US, and assist them with the medical expenses and other expenses that go along with Jack's retinoblastoma."

For more information: CLICK HERE *Team Jack Lees is not affiliated with Team Jack & Rex Burkhead*

Jack's Story:
On August 14, 2012, we took our almost 13-month-old in for an eye appointment in Omaha for what we thought would result in eye glasses. Walking out of the appointment an hour later, we learned that we were about to start a scary journey with our baby boy.

Dr. Troia thought he saw in Jack's eye a tumor, which we would learn is RETINOBLASTOMA. It is a tumor that attaches to the retina in the eye(s), that is fast growing and aggressive. He referred us to Dr. McGill the next day who confirmed our worst fears, our baby boy had CANCER! We then talked survival rate, treatments, and other scary stuff that I wish no parent ever had to talk about. We decided we needed to be in Iowa City at University Hospital, and that is where we were by 7 am the following morning.

We met doctor after doctor, did test after test and then were given even more heartbreaking news. Jack's tumor had taken over his whole right eye. We could try chemo, but he would never regain sight out of it again. We decided that we did not want him to be put through anything he didn't need to be, so we made the tough, but best decision we thought...we would have to have his right eye removed.

He was in surgery the next morning by 1 pm. Our lives were a total blur for four days, we were in survival mode for our little man.

A special thank-you to our Partners