Danger makes huge strides since 2011


The Nebraska Danger has come a long way in just over two years of play.

In the team's first season in 2011, the Danger stood at 3-3 at one point, but lost its final eight games to finish 3-11.

Last year, the Danger improved to 5-9

This year, the Danger is 3-1 and headed into a bye week after downing the Wyoming Cavalry 62-35 Friday night at the Heartland Events Center.

The coaches and players said all the right things the past two years, but probably lacked the talent to really make a run at a playoff berth.

Wide receivers coach Hurtis Chinn was with the Danger the last six games of the first season as a player. He joined the coaching staff for the 2012 year and is back again this season.

"Things have changed a lot," Chinn said. "The attitude has changed from, OK we're a first-year team trying to figure it out. Now we have the staff in place and the players in place to where we just expect to win. Anything less than that is selling ourselves short."

In 2011, the players had a different way of looking at things than the 2013 team.

"The attitude was more, maybe we'll win, hope we'll win or we could win or there is a chance of winning," Chinn said. "Now it's just we should win. We expect to win."... MORE

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