Nebraska Danger Sign Solid IFL Veterans

The Nebraska Danger announce the signing of James Poynter and Dixie Wooten.

Poynter, a 6’2" 310 lb. center from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, where he played left and right tackle, has signed with the Danger after four years with the Omaha Beef IFL team. Danger head coach Mike Davis states, "James brings a toughness to the team that you need out of an offensive lineman. You can always count on him to get you into the right protection." Poynter will be looked at to share his valuable leadership and experience with the team.

Wooten is a veteran quarterback standout formerly with the Wichita Wild IFL team and UTEP. "Dixie is a great leader and competitor that will definitely help run the Danger Offense. He’s one of those guys you can always count on to put the team first," says Danger head coach Mike Davis. "He’s a great asset to have on any team." Wooten was selected as a 2010 IFL Man of the Year award winner, which recognizes players not only for their success on the field, but also for their contributions off the field and in their communities.

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