9/5/18 Signed


## Pos. Name.
2 DB Bright, Najee
4 WR Thomas, Eric
5 WR Dent, Gregory
6 QB Seard, Jovante
7 WR Jackson IV, Johnny
8 QB Armstrong Jr., Tommy
11 DB Varnado, Levarious
15 DB Roe, Brandon
20 RB/WR Walden, Quincy
21 LB Haynes, Robert
22 DB Kamara, Rahman
24 RB Sapp-Lynch, Davonte
26 DB Philyaw III, Thaddeus
43 DL Martin, Chris
44 DL Darden, Rodderick
55 DL Brown, D'Vonn
56 OL Barnes, Adolphus
65 OL Liddell, Aundrea
71 OL Warner, Taylor
76 OL Harris, Dominique
85 WR McCormick, Tevaris
88 K Reynolds, Jeremy
91 DL Jenkins, Courtel
93 DL Lowry, Seyvon

Player Bio

Danger Player Photo

Davonte Sapp-Lynch

#24 | RB | 5'8 | 185 lbs. | Nebraska Danger

College: New Mexico Highlands University


Vonte was raised in North Oakland and graduated from Sheldon High School. Lynch continued his career at New Mexico Highlands University. Davonte has plenty of pro experience. He has attended Oakland Raiders Camp, San Fransisco 49ers Camp, and stints with the German Football League. Lynch's goal is to run through life spreading positive energy.

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