2/18/19 Released
12/5/18 Signed


## Pos. Name.
2 DB Bright, Najee
4 WR Thomas, Eric
5 WR Reeves, Chip
5 WR Dent, Gregory
6 QB Seard, Jovante
7 WR Evans, Troy
8 QB Armstrong Jr., Tommy
11 DB Varnado, Levarious
14 DB Counts, Clarence
15 DB Ellis, Dakarai
17 WR Armstrong, Donta
21 DL Cathey, Dasmine
22 DB Blackwell, Jamal
24 RB Sapp-Lynch, Davonte
26 DB Baxter, Jason
43 DL Martin, Chris
44 LB Wise, La'More
55 DL Brooks, Michael
56 OL Barnes, Adolphus
65 OL Brown, Sean
71 OL Warner, Taylor
76 OL Austin III, Joseph
85 WR McCormick, Tevaris
88 K Haynes, Jarod
91 DL Walker, Charles
93 DL Lowry, Seyvon
0 DB Herd, Steffon

Player Bio

Danger Player Photo

Breon Allen

RB | 5'6 | 175 lbs. | Nebraska Danger

College: Snow College/East Carolina


While at Snow Junior College in Utah, Allen led the NJCAA with 1,632 rushing yards in 2012 before signing with ECU. During that season, Allen also became an NJCAA First-Team All-American. He then made an immediate impact with the Pirates, finishing 2nd on the team in rushing with 311 yards in an offense that is known for its air-raid style of attack.

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