1/2/19 Signed


## Pos. Name.
2 DB Bright, Najee
4 WR Housh, Noah
5 WR Reeves, Chip
5 WR Dent, Gregory
7 WR Evans, Troy
10 QB Hankerson, Gregory
0 DB Barboza, Brandon
0 OL Barnes, Adolphus
0 DB Blackwell, Jamal
0 DL Cathey, Dasmine
0 DL Cooper, Byron
0 DB McCoy, Marcus
0 RB Sapp-Lynch, Davonte
0 DB Williams, Kailik
0 DB Robinson, Paul
0 OL Green, Antonio
0 WR Jones, Tyler
0 DL Brooks, Michael
0 RB/WR Walden, Quincy
0 RB Allen, Breon
0 QB Preaster, Brandon
0 LB Wise, La'More
0 DL Chavies, Keontae
0 QB Armstrong Jr., Tommy
0 LB Campbell, Camnik
0 QB Seard, Jovante
0 DL Lowry, Sayvon
0 OL Cruz, Adonis
0 WR Grant, Malcolm
0 DB Varnado, Levarious
0 OL Warner, Taylor
0 OL Smiley, Rapheal
0 DL Duru, Brad
0 DB Ellis, Dakarai
0 DB Baxter, Jason
0 OL Jacques, Ryan

Player Bio

Danger Player Photo

Tommy Armstrong Jr.

QB | 6'1 | 220 lbs. | Nebraska Danger

College: University of Nebraska/NFL - Minnesota Vikings


Tommy Armstrong Jr. really doesn't need an introduction in the state of Nebraska, as he comes to the Danger after rewriting the record books as a Cornhusker. He currently holds the Husker career records for passing yards, completions, touchdown passes, total offense, total touchdowns and starts by a quarterback just to name a few. Armstrong figures to be a major contributor for the Danger in 2019.

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