1/24/19 Signed


## Pos. Name.
2 DB Bright, Najee
4 WR Housh, Noah
5 WR Reeves, Chip
5 WR Dent, Gregory
7 WR Evans, Troy
10 QB Hankerson, Gregory
0 DB Barboza, Brandon
0 OL Barnes, Adolphus
0 DB Blackwell, Jamal
0 DL Cathey, Dasmine
0 DL Cooper, Byron
0 DB McCoy, Marcus
0 RB Sapp-Lynch, Davonte
0 DB Williams, Kailik
0 DB Robinson, Paul
0 OL Green, Antonio
0 WR Jones, Tyler
0 DL Brooks, Michael
0 RB/WR Walden, Quincy
0 RB Allen, Breon
0 QB Preaster, Brandon
0 LB Wise, La'More
0 DL Chavies, Keontae
0 QB Armstrong Jr., Tommy
0 LB Campbell, Camnik
0 QB Seard, Jovante
0 DL Lowry, Sayvon
0 OL Cruz, Adonis
0 WR Grant, Malcolm
0 DB Varnado, Levarious
0 OL Warner, Taylor
0 OL Smiley, Rapheal
0 DL Duru, Brad
0 DB Ellis, Dakarai
0 DB Baxter, Jason
0 OL Jacques, Ryan
0 WR McCormick, Tevaris
0 DB Counts, Clarence
0 K Haynes, Jarod
0 WR Thomas, Eric
0 OL Taylor, Zach
0 DL Martin, Chris
0 OL Andrews, Donelle
0 OL Austin, Joseph
0 OL Brown, Sean

Player Bio

Danger Player Photo

Tevaris McCormick

WR | 5'10 | 180 lbs. | Nebraska Danger

College: Troy University


McCormick starred at Troy University during his college days, with one of his most prolific years coming in 2016 when he proved to be the home run threat of the Troy receiving corp. He caught five TD passes for an average of 37.2 yards in 2016, including an 80-yard grab against South Alabama. He figures to be a favorite target for whoever is standing behind center for the Danger in 2019.

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