9/23/16 Re-Signed
5/25/16 Season Ending IR
4/13/16 Activate from Transfer
4/5/16 Transfer-CFL
2/16/16 Signed
11/5/15 Released
9/25/14 Re-Signed
8/26/13 Re-Signed
10/1/12 Re-Signed
5/30/12 Signed


## Pos. Name.
2 RB/WR Brown, Rob
4 WR Thomas, Eric
5 DB McNeal, Demetruce
6 WR Stimphil, Dimitri
7 DB Brown, Robert
8 DL Obiora, Eze
10 QB McCain, Patrick
11 DL Jackson, Xzavie
13 DB Wafford, Trey
15 WR Haggins, Jarred
17 QB Powell, Drew
21 DB Hall, Courtney
22 K Gable, Josh
43 DL Gonzales, Herbert
44 LB Sierra, Nikolas
65 OL Martin, Lawrence
72 OL Savage, Darius
78 OL Wallace, Trevin
91 DL Miles-Nash, Colton
93 DL Chavis, Maurice
0 OL White, Palmer

Player Bio

Danger Player Photo

Darius Savage

#72 | OL | 6'4" | 330 lbs. | Nebraska Danger

College: UCLA


Hometown: San Diego, CA

High School: Morse High School

Nickname: Big Savage, Big Smooth

Indoor Experience: 2 years

College Major/Degree: History

What is your professional and/or personal ambition: To be happy, healthy, & wealthy doing what I love.

What is your favorite food: Chicken and Mac & Cheese

What is your proudest accomplishment: Graduating from UCLA

Who is your role model: My Parents

What is your favorite pump-up song before a game: Mind of a Maniac - Boosie

Favorite music artist(s): Rick Ross, Rich Homie, and Muk

Favorite movie(s): Paid in Full, Life, and Coming to America

Favorite quote: "Why Not?"

Favorite football memory so far: Beating USC

If you were a superhero who would you be and why? Batman - He is your worst nightmare.

Anything Else? Team Barber

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